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Hebrew is fun.  This is a place to find friends who want to engage in Hebrew. 


Consider being part of a group that meets for 4-6 sessions exploring, digging through the Hebrew treasures. 


Here are some ideas: studying modern spoken language, we could listen to and translate music, read a Hebrew newspaper togegther ,  learn Torah and Haftarah Trop, explore the intersection of Arabic and Hebrew, a coffee house for Hebrew speakers. etc.  

Let us know how you want to engage by clicking on a Hebrew Reading Crash Course or Hebrew Next form.  Then we can let you know when a chug is forming! 


No prior experience. Upon completion of this class, you are invited to be part of Hebrew Next. Fill out this form to get started!

Whether you know a little or a lot of Hebrew this is the form that lets us know how you want to engage, and your availability. Must be able to decode Hebrew. 

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