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A concept that became know in the Greater Hartford Connecticut area as Mitzvah Mamas is now ready to look inward.  Who are we, where are we going? Are we what we intend to be?


In the Jewish year 5775 Mitzvah Mamas was born! Mindy Glickman thought it could be good, 

and fast forward 7 is good! 


The blessings that have flowed from the Mitzvah Mama project are heartwarming and innumerable. 

It's now the year 5782.  And in the year 5782  shmita is observed in Israel. It's the time the land rests.

Shmita is a reset. A time for release. The word literally means release. 


And it's not only humans' relationship to land that gets "reset."

It is also a Biblical commandment for debts between human beings to be forgiven when the Shmita year rolls around. 


As Mitzvah Mamas celebrates it's 7th year, let's observe a metephorical Shmita.  

When launched Mitzvah Mamas was a project that we could only hope would be good. With seven years under our belt we have some perspective! It IS good because you are part of it!  So, let's take some time to look at where we have been, then turn to point where we are headed and who is coming with!


Have you considered your own personal Shmita? Do you remember who you were seven years ago?  Which iteration of yourself are you?  What were you doing seven years ago?  Do you remember your hopes? What and who have you met during these past 7 years? Who is no longer in your life? What was important to you then? Is it still important to you? Have you done something about it? Are you a better you?  Are you a 'grateful' you?  Have you made the world around you a better place? 

On Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan 5782 the Mitzvah Mamas Rosh Chodesh gathering explored this topic taking a broad view of Shmita. Like each seventh day is punctuated with Shabbat, marking each 7th year is a way for us each to be intentional about our personal and communal selves. Taking a step back and looking at the big picture before moving forward may not be easy, but together it can be fun.  


At the gathering we discussed many of the concepts in this podcast episode.The broadcasters in the episode  underscore the opportunity we have, as Jews and human beings, to align Shmita with a variety of contemporary fights for social and climate justice. Our partnerships with one another, Momentum and Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford link us to a vast community we contunue to discover.  Join the Journey!

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