No need to be a Mother to be A Mitzvah Mama!  


Let's- Do Jewish! 

Each of us is on our own Jewish journey. We walk through many doors.

Mitzvah Mamas offers space to connect with others to walk through Jewish portals together.


Scheduled &  popup are announced throughout the year in the Mitzvah Mama FaceBook group. 

You become a 'Mitzvah Mama' by showing up for anything we offer, or by offering an opportunity to others.


Whether you choose to be part of a formal friend group, or simply engage when something seems interesting you can innovate, share how you personally 'Do Jewish' and help forge connections with others.

Unity Without Uniformity is out mantra.  Ayeka?  Where are you?

Mitzvah Mamas are

  • Encouraged to take the lead by creating and promoting a community opportunity.

  • Encouraged to invite a friend... attend and engage others to attend community events. 

  • Encouraged to share MM news in their own circles, synagogues and communities.

  • Mitzvah Mamas promote Unity without Uniformity 

  • Mitzvah Mamas has no dues or fees. 

  • Mitzvah Mamas encourage Jewish women 13+ (or those exploring Judaism) to DO JEWISH 


In partnership with MOMentum & Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford, Mitzvah Mamas builds cohorts of moms who get to participate in Free* Israel trips and engage together locally. When these moms return from their experience Mitzvah Mama welcomes them with open arms!

Join the Mitzvah Mama FaceBook Group to be in the know about events and activities. 

Each month Rosh Chodesh is marked with an hour long gathering, pointing us toward finding gratitude and noticing kindness.